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Citizen groups celebrate project successes by sharing out-of-box solutions that could help to promote women's political and electoral participation

14 - April - 2023

A public event was organized here in Mansehra to Celebrate the Hum work for the political workers; the purpose of this event was to strengthen Hum Awaz to celebrate such kind of events in the future to highlight the women's political and electoral issues and to seek solutions to such issues. The event was organized by Hum Awaz members who invited all the participants and guests to discuss the challenges faced by political workers and other women. Guest speakers were Sardar Shahjahan Yousuf (special assistant to PM) , Shaikh shafi (Tehsil Mayor Tehsil Mansehra( Shah Alim ( Tehsil Mayor Baffa ) , Doctor tariq sherazi (AMEER jamat islami Mansehra) ,Kamal saleem ( PTI members Ex Tehsil mayor candidate) Shahzada Gustasif khan (ex-minister and MPA ) all women wing president, civil society organization representatives. ECP and NADRA and some girls’ students. They were invited by hum awaz members; every party worker compelled their party head to ensure the participation of decision-makers in the event. In start of the event. after sharing the objectives of the event, Hum Awaz member Miss shaista Fareed share the brief history of Hum Awaz , she sensitized the participants that every time was share charter of demand and get signed by you but today I am here to ask you what is going on for the solution of these issues which is here on Charter of demand . she asked that are you agreed that these issues are present in the community or not ? If you agreed that these demand were factual then what you are doing for these demands? She realized the importance of these demands for women political workers and sensitizes the audience that these demands should be fulfilled. After that new Charter of demand were presented by Miss Hira ( political worker) , Miss Nasira tanoli give a speech and share the impacts of the projects on women political workers and councilor , she is the political worker and councilor too, she emphasized that now we are able to speak for our rights as we trained during this projects. She shares the brief impact of the project and told us that now we do not need any organization we will work independently for our rights. She say thanks to WE are leaders and WAJ and FAFEN for such brilliant initiatives and told us that this is the result of our training and other activities that now we can speak here and we working for our people without funding from the government. All the speakers share that what is the hurdles behind women political empowerment, PTI representative said that we worked for women political rights but there is a need for more, she told that we have a strong body of women in every district, Jamat Islami heads also share JI initiatives and welcome Hum away group to organize such event in Jamat Islami MARKAZ, Teshil mayors told that they will support Hum awaz membes wherever they need support. They told that these kinds of events should be organized in district council Hall; they also told that women political workers should visit our office and we will support you about your areas concerned issues. Miss sajida tabussum share the PPP work for women's political rights. Experience sharing session was also held to share the experiences about the project and also for any questions related to these guests. During this session women share their experience in detail .they told that what they are before this project and now they felt more confident to work for women rights and for her rights too. They appreciated the training and share that these training are very well and these trainings give us the confidence to work effectively. PC WAJ shares the brief objective of the projects and appreciated the HUM awaz members for such a good event. At the end ECP (election officer) told that we are working in collaboration and our work is for women voter registration and other rights. He briefly answered some questions of participants. NADRA representative also shares his views and welcome Hum away members to come NADRA office. In the end, Mukhtar Javed ED WAJ appreciated the Hum awaz and say thanks to all participants, and told them that we are trying to fill the gaps between Hum awaz and government representatives. In the end Charter of demand was signed by all the speakers and other participants.